How to Become an Au Pair

Everything You Need to Know About how to become an  Au Pair in the United States of America


Au pair in the United States of AmericaWhat does it take to become an Au Pair in the United States of America? It is exciting to be a part of a family whose kids you like, right? First, you need to send an application to a US Government designated Au Pair agency. Approved agencies are the only providers of a J-1 Cultural Exchange Visitor Visa.

Our trusted partner who will support you through the entire process.

They have taken candidates through the placement process for more than 15 years now. While based in Phoenix, Arizona, they can place Au Pairs across every state in the USA.

If you have already registered and completed creating your profile on our site (, we will go through your profile to determine whether you fulfill the requirements of being part of the program. We will then reach out to discuss further details in an interview.

After that, you will send us essential documents that entail references, your criminal record, a medical report and the like. As soon as your documents arrive and we are comfortable with your information, we will send them to our American office that will start a search for a Host Family that suits you.


What About Being an Au Pair in the USA Without an Agency?


You cannot become an Au Pair in the USA with a Tourist Visa. You can also not be an Au Pair in less than three months with the ESTA form. If a Host Family attempts to bring

you in the USA without the help of a designated agency, they are breaking the law. We recommend that all participants follow the legal procedure.

Are you qualified to become an Au pair in the United States of America?

There are specific requirements that you are supposed to meet in order to qualify for the Au program in USA. You have to;

  • Be between 18 – 26 years of age
  • Be able to speak conversational English
  • Be a secondary school graduate or higher
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Have at least 200 hours of documented childcare experience outside of the own family
  • Have a driver’s license, preferably with driving experience
  • Have no kids of your own, husband or wife

Do these requirements describe you? Yes?

Then what are you waiting for! Join the Au Pair program today!


What is the benefit of being an Au Pair in the USA?


The benefits of being an Au Pair in the USA are a long list. It’s overall an exciting experience that will help you gain a lot of skills and knowledge. The program will enable you to become a more independent and self-confident individual. Your English and communication skills will be greatly improved. Exposure to different cultures will really enhance your knowledge. This global experience opens the door to extensive opportunities of great importance.

The Au Pair Program benefit includes:

  1. Flight to the USA
  2. -3 Day Au Pair School in San Francisco
  3. Local support and 24x7x365 emergency support
  4. Pocket money of $195.75 per week (Over $10,000 in a year)
  5. Provided care for a maximum of 45 hours per week and not more than 10 hours per day
  6. American health insurance for 1 year
  7. Child care and safety training
  8. An educational allowance of $500 US for language course or another course that has some connection to the Au Pair experience
  9. Travel in the USA in the 13th month
  10. Participation in monthly meetings with other participants

Through your search criteria, you can find a suitable family right here. Do get in touch.

Au Pairing in the USA could just be the thing for you! Just check our program requirements to start the experience. Together with our designated partner, we will help you experience.